Lakes Entrance Victoria


About Lakes Entrance

If fishing is your passion, then look ahead to having a blast at Lakes Entrance in eastern Victoria, Australia. It is mainly a tourism-based town, known for offering a range of recreational water sports. The fishing contests, paddleboats, catamarans, aqua bikes, paddle skis, canoes and body boards bear witness to the energy associated with Lakes Entrance.

How to reach Lakes Entrance, Victoria?

Located approx 320 kilometres east of Melbourne, this resort can be reached by the Princes Highway leading to the Gippsland Lake. Originating from Bairnsdale, it winds into ‘Jeremy Point’, which serves as a watchtower to the 400 square kilometres of Victorian inland waterway.

When to go?

For a fun-filled vacation, winter is the appropriate time to enjoy a stroll over the footbridge crossing Cunninghame Arm.

What to expect

This resort is popular for marine activities and you can see fishing boats moored in the marina. No wonder the Lakes Entrance is dotted with jetties and fishing fleets. The breath-taking views of Lakes National Park and the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park are an added plus. If you cannot fish, you may certainly enjoy the bounty of catch displayed to visitors. Also, look out for the Stony Creek Railway Bridge, the largest existing wooden bridge of Australia.

The native residents of this region were the Kurnai and Krauatungalung tribes. Angus McMillan was the European to first acquaint the world to Lake Victoria. Subsequently the marsh was inhabited by the Ewing and Road knight families.

Things you shouldn’t miss at Lakes Entrance

  • The wood carvings depicting Australia at war
  • The amazing collection of over 10000 shells at The Griffiths' Sea Shell Museum
  • Kinkuna Country Fun and Fauna Park full of joy rides
  • The oldest vineyard at Wyanga Park Vineyards and winery
  • Nyerimilang Homestead and Nyerimilang Park
  • Flame Trees Gallery at Nowa Nowa