Lakes Entrance Victoria


Boat Hire in lakes Entrance

If you are tired of the jerky roads and the land fatigues you endlessly, just consider a dreamy cruise upon the waters of Lakes Entrance. Located in Victoria, Australia, this is the largest inland network of waterways. Gippsland is a romantic getaway that offers you the unmatched pleasure of taking paddleboat and catamaran rides! However, to know how to avail a boat hire in Lakes Entrance read on:

Boat rentals

If you are crazy about fishing and bird-gazing then hire paddle boats, catamaran, or surf ski. Just head for the footbridge where you will meet Hire Boat operators and choose the vessel that you require. If you are devoted to nature photography then set on a hired canoe. If you are not too keen to venture all by yourself, go for the sight-seeing tours conducted by boat-owners around Lakes Entrance.

Points to visit in Lakes Entrance

While sailing in this dreamland of Victoria, make it a ‘point’ to touch Jemmy’s Point Lookout that offers panoramic views of the towns and lakes of Lakes Entrance. If food is your passion, just take a Corque winery boat to the Wyanga Park Winery. It will pamper your taste-buds with its fabulous seafood. With a boat in your possession, you can also opt for the picturesque Lake Tyers Township and the Lake Tyers Forest Park.

Boat providers of Lakes Entrance

Make your choice among these companies who provide expert help:

  • Sequester: This is a very cosy skipper that will even train you how to sail.
  • MV Riptide: With a capacity of 12 passengers, this is for those who love speed.
  • Calypso: This is a yacht that will take you down to Sperm Whale Head and Rotamah Island.
  • Kingfisher: This boat will indulge all your water-sports fixations.
  • Cape Horn: Though a small boat it is not lacking in grace or charm.
  • Lakes Navigation Company: This Company takes pleasure in arranging trips around Raymond Island for a full 70 passengers.

Make sure you bring:

  • Sunscreen & long sleeve shirt/jacket
  • Fishing rods and tackle
  • Bait
  • Esky

For a bit of family fun, you might be interested in the paddle boats are situated over the footbridge with ALL DAY free parking opposite the Paddle Boats.