Lakes Entrance Victoria


Secrets of Camping in Lakes Entrance

As the biggest fishing port and inland waterway of Victoria, Lakes Entrance is well-known among fun-seekers for its Gippsland Lake. Here, you can enjoy the utmost of water-sports and unlimited relaxation that Australia has to offer. However, if you have a mind to spend a few nights here, then camping in Lakes Entrance is the best decision.

For starters

If you are geared-up to go camping then check the necessary requirements. First time visitors of Australia need to have a camping permit from the wildlife services. Next, you need swag, mosquito net and a functional camp stove. Take care that you are not interrupted by cattle while you camp.

While camping in Lakes Entrance you can choose ‘Golden’ Beach for the perfect haven of camping sites. Situated between Paradise Beach and The Honeysuckles, these are wonderful spots for starting a camp-fire. But if you are keen to add the ‘floaty’ feel to your camping ventures, don’t miss the boat based bush camping sites around Bunga Arm in Steamer Landing. Don’t fear running out of your supplies because these sites have adequate drinking water and other amenities. For a total family tour, Eastern Beach Tourist Park is the right place to be in. Here, you would get supplies of tents, caravan and RV.

Camping grounds of Lakes Entrance

Lakes Riviera Country Caravan Park: Under the dreamy shades of cottonwood trees, comfortable lounges and laundries are available for camping.

Koonwarra Family Holiday Park: It specializes in warm-water pools and spa for that plush feeling.

Caravan Park and Camping Ground: It offers both cabins (powdered and non-powdered) and playgrounds for adults and kids alike.

Besides this, you can also purchase The Camping Guide to Victoria that lists the names of more than 560 camp sites, national parks, conservation reserves and forests where you can enjoy your camping expeditions. Thus, carry out an ‘overnight picnic’ that is far-from-ordinary while camping in Lakes Entrance.

If you don't mind a bit of bush camping, this free camping spot is 12km NW from lakes entrance in the  Colquhoun State Forest.